Sajik Cafeteria

Sajik Girls’ High-school Cafeteria Sajik-dong, Busan Korea  2009-2011. The Sajik Girls’ High-school asked us to design a cafeteria where students can be served for both lunch and dinner. The biggest challenge of the project was the tight design schedule to complete the CD package in two months to get the fund from the Busan Public […]

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MOCA at Seoul

The Museum of Contemporary Art at Seoul : Invited Competition, September 2010. The former Armed Defense Security Command, Kimusa has been an anachronistic symbol of Korea’s colonial and authoritarian past, creating an island of austerity and an urban disjuncture within an increasingly vibrant Bukchon community. In place of a single building or an institution, we propose […]

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MODO: Collective Passages

MODO, Collective passages : The International Idea Competition for the National Museum of Contemporary Art at Seoul, 2010 / The First Prize PLURALITY Polyphony of divergent voices within the contemporary art world cannot be displayed within, or represented by, a singular monument.  If the architectural lineage internationally shared by former cultural institutions served to represent the […]

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Seocho Building

This 1,500 square meter speculative office building is located in semi-commercial area in southern part of Seoul. The client’s main concern was to have distinct exterior design for its commercial value. Our approach was to design a building as an abstract object surrounded by the abundance of formal experimentation. Facade treatment was important issue to […]

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