Sajik Girls’ High-school Cafeteria

Sajik-dong, Busan Korea  2009-2011.

The Sajik Girls’ High-school asked us to design a cafeteria where students can be served for both lunch and dinner. The biggest challenge of the project was the tight design schedule to complete the CD package in two months to get the fund from the Busan Public Education Department on top of the low construction budget.

After the review of the examples of other school cafeterias and came to a strategy to follow the most common construction method; RC structure with provision for vertical expansion in the future while providing views towards the west, the sports ground and beautiful mountains. We proposed new site location on the east side instead of expanding the existing annex on the west suggested by the school. This enables to receive the students’ flow coming out of the east exit of the main school building and enclose the sports ground from the apartment buildings. In addition to main entrance on northern side connected to main school building, direct connection to/from the sports ground is provided for uncluttered movement of the crowd in peak time and kitchen staffs. The dining area has windows on all four sides with 2.6 meter ceiling height .