T:ANCS Tanks: Art Nature Culture Seoul From our interpretation of the competition brief, T:ANCS proposes to create a place in Seoul that is an extension of the urban fabric and is yet a place apart. Our intervention is to create a path, a “street”, that will literally and figuratively integrate the relics from a petroleum […]

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Chuncheon Media Forest

춘천시립도서관 : 춘천 미디어 포리스트(Chuncheon Media Forest) 우리는 석사공원 내에 지어질 새로운 도서관이 주변의 풍부한 녹지를 물리적으로 보존하고 상징적으로 끌어 안으며, 시민들이 자유롭게 즐겨찾는 다양한 정보의 숲이 되길 희망하며 ‘춘천 미디어 포리스트(Chuncheon Media Forest)’를 제안하다. 춘천시립도서관이 전통적인 도서의 열람뿐 만 아니라, 정보화 시대에 디지털 자료검색을 아우르며, 지식과 정보의 총체적인 흐름을 효율적으로 구축하여 시민들이 자유롭게 정보를 […]

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Escarpment 10

In Progress. The private developer in Japan, Hokkaido Track commissioned PLAN_C to propose concept design for Escarpment Housing development in Niseko, Hokkaido. As in N_House, it’s a family vacation house with five bedrooms. The main structure is concrete which gives flexibility in terms of spatial composition on steep slope on the hill side site.

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In Progress. This small scale boutique hotel is composed of three buildings; hotel with six guestrooms, a cafe and a house. The site is located 20 meters from the seashore in Seogwipo-si, southern part of Jeju Island and has tranquil view towards a small volcanic island called Bum-sum. Its simple shape is derived from classic […]

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